Meet the Staff of Freedom Caregivers



Jason originates from Findlay and is the owner of both Mid American Therapy and Freedom Caregivers, and is a working physical therapist as well. He is the vision and the motivating force behind us. He can see past the day to day issues and find ways to make client care even better. As the old cliché goes, "behind every great man is an even better woman", and that is very true for Sherrie, Jason's wife. She has been an integral part in the making of Freedom Caregivers and prefers to avoid the limelight (hence no picture). But, her window displays are simply amazing and we force her to take credit for those!



If Jason is the vision of Freedom Caregivers then Joanne is the heart and soul. Her passion for helping the aging community never stopped when she retired from Wyandot County Home Health in 2012. No healthcare operation can survive today without a strong leader that understands the mission, the needs of the clients, and the laws of healthcare. We are so grateful for her leadership and she, thankfully, is showing no signs of a second retirement anytime soon!

"I truly feel my calling is serving the aging. I understand the concerns and worries that are faced as people age and I get to use my experience to help ease their burdens."


Office Manager

Jude is our only misfit(meaning non-local, she loves when we speak so affectionately about her)! She comes to Upper Sandusky from Erie, PA, with her husband. With her dual Accounting and Business degree we let her handle the numbers and a whole lot more than she bargained for! She manages the entire office with the help of April and, together, they keep the rest of us moving forward.

"I am the first person most people see when they walk in our door. I see their frustration and listen to their story. Then I get the challenge of helping that heartache turn into peace. I've never had a job that gave me such a personal connection to the community!"


Office Secretary

April took care of our first client when she was Freedom Caregivers first hire in 2013. Since that time she has contributed so much to our growth and success! She has now moved into the office and is able to use her Healthcare Administration degree, along with her knowledge of caring for the clients, to assist Jude in the day to day operations. She provides that unique perspective in helping caregivers and their clients get all their needs met.

"Providing care to those that cared for our generation has always been a goal for me. The elderly have so much knowledge and stories to share if people would just take the time to listen. I always said if I took the love stories I have heard over the years and compiled a book I'm sure it would be a best seller. A friendly, caring voice is sometimes all a person needs to make it through the day and if I can provide that for them, then I fulfilled my purpose."